Bullspit! – How to Have an Interesting First Day Of Class

Written by Ryan Gleason

As I entered my senior year at Brooklyn College, I made a self-pact to not repeat the same mundane routine I have followed the last three years. I wanted to do something different, I wanted to do something new, and I wanted to stand out.

Here are some things I did that made my senior year more exciting.

  1. Sit at the teacher’s desk and set up shop.

I walked straight into my kinesiology class 15 minutes early and parkoured my way over to the teacher’s desk. I sat down, pulled out my books and writing utensils and waited for my Professor to show up. He did show up, and he was NOT ready for the old switcheroo I pulled on him. He not only now knows who I am, but he is also now constantly on his toes. I am an enigma he cannot comprehend.

  1. Take the elevator and don’t let anyone press their floor.

This one is easier said than done. People HATE elevators. They hate people on elevators. They hate slow elevators. They hate people making their elevators slow. So by blocking the floor buttons, you are inherently becoming the worst part of those peoples’ days. What better way to be known all over campus? I spent all of Wednesday in James Hall ruining everyone’s hump days.

  1. Walk all the way through the cafeteria asking people for a bite.

No one on a college student’s budget would give away food for free. I understood that. But that didn’t stop me from going to each table, booth, and bench asking strangers for a little nibble. I met a cool guy named Damien. We shared a soup. I think he is going to be my first child’s godfather but it is too early to tell.

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