Three-Sport Athlete Anna Curran Deals with Season Cut Short

Anna Curran playing softball./ Damion Reid
Anna Curran playing softball./ Damion Reid

All CUNY athletics have been cancelled for the spring, and for seniors, who will never get the chance to compete for their schools again, the pain stings even harder. Anna Curran of the Brooklyn College softball team, is one of those seniors. 

   Curran’s operative word for describing how she felt when she found out the season was cancelled: “devastation.” 

   “Going through the entire soccer and swim season, I was particularly looking forward to the softball season because it was going to be my fourth and last time on the team,” she said.

   Curran, who plays first base for the Bulldogs, is a three-sport athlete, but softball is where she really excels. Last year, she won player of the week at Brooklyn College, and was excited about a final year trying to lead the softball team to prosperity.

   “Each team has its own vibe, but the softball team is something special,” Curran said. “We had been putting in the work all February in preparation for the season.”

   Curran told the Vanguard that after a number of players from the women’s basketball team returned from the NCAA tournament, the softball team had their whole squad. 

   “Everything was starting to come together,” she said. 

   But then all non-conference games were cancelled for the season, and then not long after the entire season was axed due to coronavirus.

   “It was a huge shock and heartbreaking to hear,” Curran said. “I never got the chance to put the number four jersey on for the last time, or go to battle with the people who have been there since my first day.”

   However, amidst all the devastation, Curran is still happy she was able to make the memories she did.

“It’s a real bummer I won’t be able to have a senior night, but I’m glad I was able to play with the future of the program.”