Album Review: Can’t Swim’s “Change Of Plans”

Can't Swim's "Change of Plans" Album Cover./

By Iliana Calderon


  Can’t Swim, a New Jersey rock band released their brand new album “Change Of Plans” on Oct. 22 to all available platforms for music streaming.

   While they have been well known for their more pop-punk songs such as “Come Home,” “Right Choice,” and “Stranger,” this album has more of a post-hardcore influence to it. With songs like “Standing In The Dark,” “To Heal At All, You Have To Feel It All,” and “Opposite Of God,” we see that they switch the genre from their previous work. In other songs like “10 Years Too Late” and “Altamonte Explode,” we have that balance between hardcore punk and pop-punk. Nestled between these varying influences, the album also features some soft songs, such as “Everyone That I Know, I Hate.” Even with its lean into post-hardcore sounds, the album still has that little bit of softness present.

   Personally, I do enjoy hearing that they are back into doing more hardcore punk and pop-punk roots because I grew up with their 2017-2018 pop-punk era, and I keep it very close and dear to me since I have been a fan since I was a junior in high school. 

    Though “Someone Who Isn’t Me,” their 2020 EP, focused more on having a pop feel to their songs, Can’t Swim is looking to slightly break away from their pop-punk/rock roots and explore with different sounds. With their recent album being more of a pop-punk/post-hardcore sound, it seems like the band will continue to bounce around different genres and tunes.

   Can’t Swim will be on tour starting Nov. 4 with Silverstein and The Plot In You. They will be playing on Nov. 8 at Webster Hall and Dec. 11 at Empire Live.

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