Note From The Editors

Greetings Vanguard Readers, 


This issue marks our official return to printing on physical newsprint – straight from the press into your hands. After waiting for over a year to have our work hit Brooklyn College’s stands, we at the Vanguard are excited for what this spring semester and future hold. Moving forward, as Brooklyn College’s halls fill with bustling students, we will continue our goal of informing you, our readers, of all campus-related news. Though the pandemic and the possibility of returning to remote learning persist, we will ensure to keep you informed and updated on the latest turn of events. Whether it be online, through your feeds, or through the copy you’re holding now, we intend to hear from all the voices our campus and university carry. 

If you or someone you know has a story to tell or would like your issues to be investigated, feel free to stop by our office in Roosevelt 118. Or if you’d like to join our paper, and we’re not in the office, please get in touch with us over email ( 

Thank you for your support and attention. 



The Vanguard Editorial Team

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