Meet The Vanguard E-Board

Quiara Vasquez, Editor-in-Chief

Quiara Vasquez is a senior, and the current, highly frazzled editor-in-chief of Vanguard. Prior to this, she was the former, highly frazzled editor-in-chief of Vanguard’s predecessor, Kingsman. She majors in Philosophy, the only field less profitable than freelance journalism.

Ryan Schwach, Managing Editor

Ryan Schwach is a Junior at Brooklyn College, is studying film production, is entering his 3rd year with the paper, and it’s his second as managing editor. He is a lifelong New Yorker, and as well as that, an avid fan of the Yankees and NYCFC. When not working on reporting or filmmaking, Ryan is watching a movie or getting something at the Halal truck on Bedford. 

Farhad Rahman, Business Manager

Farhad Rahman is a senior and an aspiring criminal justice law student. Farhad joins the Brooklyn College Vanguard as the business manager and is also currently treasurer to and an assistant instructor for the Fencing Club at Brooklyn College. Farhad doesn’t get much sleep at night, but miraculously shows up to class just in time to get some and dream of how productive his day could’ve been.

Camila Dejesus, Layout Editor

Camila Dejesus is a TV/Radio major and the current Layout Editor of the Brooklyn College Vanguard. She left her hometown of Houston, Texas to take a bite out of the Big Apple in 2017. She transferred into Brooklyn College in the fall of 2018 and has since enjoyed frequently getting lost and discussing her favorite band to a degree of annoyance.

Carmen Saffioti, Digital Editor

Carmen Saffioti is Vanguard’s current Digital Editor. She was formerly Arts Editor at the Excelsior.

Meet the Vanguard Section Editors

Natalina Zieman, News Editor

Natalina Zieman is a JAMS major who’s written for student papers since 2018.

Moises Taveras, Features Editor

Moises Taveras is a Journalism and Media Studies major, the current features editor of the Brooklyn College Vanguard, and a karaoke legend. A shamed veteran of the games industry, he’s stepped back to finish up college. He also definitely made this site while binging a lot of Destiny 2 and Community.

Allison Rapp, Opinions Editor

Allison Rapp was the Managing Digital Editor of Kingsman. She spent a semester abroad in Glasgow, but now she’s back in NYC as Vanguard’s Opinions Editor, as well as continuing her weekly column “On the Record.”

Jack Coleman, Arts Editor

Jack Coleman studies art history and is the current arts editor at the Vanguard. He loves pink nail polish, being from New Jersey, and Joni Mitchell. He writes about art, among other things.

Conrad Hoyt, Sports Editor

Conrad Hoyt is a Journalism and Media Studies major and current sports editor for the Brooklyn College Vanguard. He previously attended Oswego State University, before transferring to Brooklyn College in the fall of 2018. He is a lover of sports, movies, animals, music, and all good stories.