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Meet The Vanguard E-Board

Kate Dempsey, Editor-in-Chief  

Kate Dempsey (she/her) is a Sociology major and Journalism minor. She was previously Vanguard’s Managing Editor for the fall 2023 semester, and was a staff writer for spring 2023. She previously contributed to Hearst Media Connecticut from 2018-2021, publishing her work in The NewsTimes, The Hour, and the CT Post. She loves to uplift student voices and raise awareness about issues that impact students. In her free time, you can catch her DJing, working on advocacy projects, and exploring New York City.


Paulina Gajewski, Managing Editor

Paulina Gajewski (she/her) is a major in Secondary Education, History, and Classics and is currently a junior year at Brooklyn College. In her free time, she loves to read novels and history books (that gravitate towards Medieval and Ancient), which fosters her love for writing. She also loves to visit museums and garden!


Kaylin Guzman, Layout Editor

Kaylin (she/her) is a senior majoring in Television, Radio, and Emerging Media with a minor in Journalism and Media Studies. Currently, she is the General Manager of Brooklyn College Radio (WBCR). She previously was the Photo Editor of the Vanguard for a year and has joined the team again this semester. Kaylin is a recipient of the Himan Brown Award and the Lawrence Ian Gold Memorial Scholarship. Giving a voice to those that believe themselves to be voiceless is her main aspiration. With a passion for storytelling, she hopes to put her skills to use at a radio station or newspaper after graduation. In her free time you can find her listening to rock music, watching anime, or refilling her film camera.

Jason Lin, Business Manager  

Jason Lin (he/him) is a sophomore majoring in Business Administration, focusing on Real Estate. He joined The Vanguard in spring 2023 and is now the Treasurer/Business Manager. Writing is more like an interest for Jason as he tries to take on different fields of experience. Other than writing, Jason loves to listen to music, cook, and is also a team player for the volleyball team.

Meet the Supportive Staff:

Emmad Kashmiri, Digital Editor

Emmad (he/him) is a Computer Science major in his fourth year at Brooklyn College, and he is the Digital Editor of The Vanguard. Emmad can often be found exploring the city, playing video games, reading a book, spending time with friends in the library, or traveling somewhere outside of the country.


Tony Lipka, Photo Editor

Tony Lipka (he/him) is a Journalism & Media Studies major and is currently in his third year at Brooklyn College. He is currently the Photo Editor for The Vanguard. Tony enjoys all kinds of photography, and likes to document the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn whenever he has free time. When he’s not taking photos, he’s probably enjoying a burrito, or out thrifting with friends.

Nidhi Mahadevan, Social Media Manager

Nidhi Mahadevan (she/her) is a junior in Macaulay Honors at Brooklyn College. She is studying Anthropology on the pre-med track. Nidhi is currently The Vanguard’s Social Media Manager. In her free time, she enjoys reading books, listening to music, and doing puzzles from The New York Times.

Meet the Section Editors:

Shlomie Katash, News Editor

Shlomie Katash (he/him) is a senior at Brooklyn College studying Political Science and Philosophy. He began at The Vanguard in 2022 and started as the News Editor in fall 2023. Shlomie’s passion for writing is influenced by his fascination in and desire to study politics. In his spare time, he loves reading, spending time with friends, and cooking.

T’Neil Gooden, Features Editor  

T’Neil Gooden (she/her) is a sophomore at Brooklyn College majoring in journalism and media studies and minoring in marketing. She joined The Vanguard in Winter 2023 as a staff writer and is now the Features Editor. Writing and storytelling is something that she is truly passionate about and is ready to learn more about it from being with The Vanguard. Other than writing, T’Neil enjoys playing video games, reading, cooking, and listening to music.

Amira Turner, Arts Editor 

Amira Turner (she/her) is a sophomore Journalism and Media Studies Major, and Film minor. She is currently the Vanguard’s Arts Editor. In her free time she enjoys making and reading zines, collecting stickers, skating and being on aux.

Rami Mansi, Opinions Editor 

Rami Mansi (They/Them) is a freshman at Brooklyn College studying English Education 7-12. Working as a staff writer before becoming The Vanguard’s opinions editor, Rami loves writing about all things pop culture and music deep-dives and reviews. With hopes of becoming an English teacher, you can always find Rami reading various works from children’s books to advanced philosophers. When not reading or writing, Rami is picking out their outfits for the week, hanging out with friends, or having a sweet treat.

Sean Markisic, Sports Editor 

Sean Markisic (He/Him) is a senior majoring in Television, Radio, and Emerging Media (TREM). His love for sports began as a kid watching it on TV, which began his passion to write about them. During his free time, he likes to play video games and listen to sports podcasts.

Usman Chohan, Video Editor 

Usman Chohan (he/him) is a senior and currently pursuing a degree in Journalism/Media Studies at The Vanguard he is currently the Video Editor and Reporter tasked in bringing the vaunted paper into the social media age. Outside of school he is a “Stringer” or Freelance News Photographer for LoudLabs News a video news agency based in NYC chasing breaking news as it happens just like in the film “Nightcrawler” but unlike Jake Gylenhall Character he is not “slashing tires” to catch the story. He aspires one day to work in broadcasting as a on air talent for a major news outlet.Outside of work and school he can be seen hanging with his friends in Queens where he was born and raised but now that he commutes to Brooklyn more often wants to explore the other boroughs besides Queens and Manhattan.


Yassir Azzam, Podcast Manager

Yassir Azzam (he/him) is a sophomore psychology major and minor in neuroscience & history. In his spare time, he likes to watch sci-fi movies, learn about chemistry, build legos, and last but not least, read a good book.


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