USG Sets Agenda for Spring Semester

Written By: Maya Schubert and Ryan Schwach  

USG’s website./

 Brooklyn College’s Undergraduate Student Government is entering the spring semester with plans to improve their election process and address student values.

   According to USG Chief of Staff, Aharon Grama, USG has designed a website devoted to information regarding the student government election, which is open for votes from March 22nd to 25th of this year.

   “The point would be to get out as much information as possible,” said Grama.

   The website ( provides information on USG’s structure and goals, guidance to candidates on how to announce a campaign, and links to the governing documents of USG, so that students and candidates alike know how the governance works. The website also provides the contact information of members, including all USG senators. 

   In addition, USG plans to do away with the voting system on Bulldog Connection, instead providing students with a ballot link on the elections website. According to Grama, the link will make voting more accessible to students, many of whom are unaccustomed to navigating the Bulldog Connection. Grama said the link will be just as relevant when BC returns to in-person classes.

   “Whether we’re going to be on campus in the fall or in the next two years, there’s no reason to not have an option that’s digital,” he said.

   Grama is planning to meet with Vice President of Student Activities Ron Jackson and Associate Director of Student Activities Hamilton Raymond soon to discuss the new method of voting.

   USG is also heading a number of events in the spring semester, including a discussion with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges. Throughout the semester, the group is planning to discuss environmental initiatives that students have brought up, request an additional extension of the credit/no credit policy, and meet with students to gauge feelings and concerns about the fall semester.

   “We’re very reactive,” Grama said of the USG’s position within the school. “Anything we hear from students we try to adjust immediately.”

   As the current USG administration draws near to its end, Grama expressed some pride in its work. In an unprecedented year, he said more communication had been shared with faculty, and the USG had encouraged departments and clubs to begin or promote social media accounts. He was also proud of USG’s victories in fighting for the credit/no credit policy and against proctoring softwares.

   “There is stuff that we did over here right now in the past semester that will change the way that USG operates forever,” said Grama.