Psychology Club Holds First Meeting of the Semester

The first rule of Psych Club, is everyone talks about Psych Club./ Paola Sacerdote

Written By Paola Sacerdote

The first rule of Psych Club, is everyone talks about Psych Club./ Paola Sacerdote

The Brooklyn College Psychology Club held their first meeting of the semester, an invitation not just for psych majors but for all students interested in the field of psychology.

   President Mahfuza Sabiha spoke of the club’s upcoming events and the methods they have to assist their members through their academic path. 

   More students attended than expected. The club provided refreshments for the students, as well as the opportunity for them to suggest ideas for the club. 

   “This meeting was really important for us because we couldn’t have any meetings last semester, we were having troubles with getting the club restarted after the change of government,” said President Mahfuza Sabiha. “I don’t think anyone from the past members came again but just a way for them to get to know us, get to know them to make sure that we can actually have communication between our members and e-board and figure out what kind of events we want to have in the future, as well as propose the events we are planning for them.”

   The Psychology department is one of the biggest on campus, but the Psychology Club isn’t as well-established. The club had a shaky start, restarting in 2013 as a medium for students to network and receive communication from the e-board. 

   The club now aims to provide assistance for students to learn about the psychology-related resources available on campus, such as career opportunities, research programs, classes, and general advice for students seeking a job in the field. The club sometimes hosts events in conjunction with other clubs, or invites guest speakers. 

   “We want to make sure that these students are able to successfully get through their career,” said Sabiha, “as well as figure out how they can make the most of their major, while at the same time meeting other students.”

   Students engaged with the meeting, providing ideas and expressing their reaction to the experience. 

   “I like that they are very collaborative,” said Valerie, a psych major. “I think that is a really nice way to bring people in and to be more inclusive of everyone, especially new members.” 

   “I really like the energy,” said Sarah, another psych major. “They’re very into us all being friends and connected, and I think that is really important in a club environment”.

   The club aspires to hold weekly meetings as they collaborate with their members to build a stronger club, something they haven’t done outside the e-board.

   The club’s next meeting will be a movie night in March. They plan to host other events through the semester, and will collaborate with the Magner Career Center for one of their biggest events of the semester. 

   “One of the reasons why [the psychology major is] so popular at Brooklyn College is because it encompasses so many careers…There are just so many paths that someone in psychology can go into,” said Sabiha. “Psychology majors and people who are interested in psychology develop a knowledge and an interest that makes them very well-rounded and able to understand people so much more.”

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