SVP Gilbert Updates Students on Facilities

Photo Credit: Ryan Schwach
Photo Credit: Ryan Schwach

  Last Thursday, Brooklyn College students received an email from Alan Gilbert, the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, detailing campus improvement initiatives developing over the spring semester. The email included statements about an online service for submitting financial aid documents, the update of a feature on the BC Navigator App, and renovations on the library’s clock tower.

  First among the announcements was the Office of Financial Aid’s expected introduction of Dynamic Forms, an online outlet for uploading, submitting, and electronically signing financial aid documents.

  Gilbert also verified the program of extended library hours during finals week, in which the first floor will remain open and staffed 24/7. The program was first tested last semester, and was met with a warm reception from students.

  “I think it’s great,” said Pooja Solayman, a freshman. “If you’re a student with an evening class, an early final, and a long commute, you can just take a blanket and sleep a little between studying, then wake up, grab a coffee, and get to the final.”

  The e-mail also highlighted a pre-existing feature on the BC Navigator App called BC Fix-it, now known as BC Fix-it 2.0. The feature allows students to remotely report general restroom issues so that facilities staff can attend to fixtures quickly. Instructions for using BC Fix-it 2.0, which will launch in several weeks, have already been placed on the backs of stall doors.

  Sara Byrnes, also a freshman, had “no idea” that BC Fix-it existed, but said she would probably use it now that she knew about it. “I go to the bathroom all the time,” she said. “Leave it to me – I’ll look out for it.”

  The administration also confirmed several ongoing construction plans, including the restoration of the library clock tower’s dome and the addition of night lighting “…so that the tower will continue to serve as a beacon for the campus and remain an icon,” said Gilbert in the email.

  The administration has also initiated an extensive project on Ingersoll and Roosevelt Halls, focused on assessing, developing, and implementing the buildings’ capabilities. In addition, the long renovated Whitman Hall is expected to open at some point this semester.

  In partnership with the BC’s Health and Wellness Initiative, the school announced that health professionals will host presentations about practical wellness habits, and promised details in future announcements. Additionally, the West Quad track will reopen to students, faculty, and staff on April 1, offering the hours of Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sunday, 12 to 3 p.m. 

  Gilbert lastly provided students with BC’s technical support resources, listing ITS Network’s number, 718-951-4357, and inserting links to training sites for Office 365 and Dropbox Business, as well as a link to a page on BC’s website with instructions on activating student emails.

   In a response to the email, Undergraduate Student Government President Alyssa Taylor increased the reach by posting the email to Facebook on the Brooklyn College: In the Know 2 page. “It is important that we as students know our voice is heard and we are happy to see the administration is taking steps towards improvement. We look forward to hearing about further renovations and enhancements to our campus,” she told the Vanguard.