Summer Internships Deadline Approaching

 Written By Paola Sacerdote

 Internships are often the way students get their foot in the door of prestigious organizations. As the beginning of March arrived, the summer internships deadline is fast advancing. For all BC students that are interested in obtaining an internship this year, the Magner Career Center is providing the essentials for the internship process.

   “We host a job/internship fair every March and October which collectively have over 200 employers,” says Magner Center Director Natalia Guarin-Klein. “Every semester we host internship panels with employers.”

   The Magner Career Center suggests that students should do at least two internships through their academic years. To assist the Center is holding around 700 paid/unpaid internships, providing students with feedback on the resume, and currently having workshops to help students interview. 

   Their website also has resources online such as sample cover letters as well as do’s and don’ts of interviewing. For direct access to internships, students can go to HireBC, on which all students have an account, or other websites such as,, etc.

   Students found the Magner Center to be a helpful guide. “At first it was very difficult because I really didn’t know how to build a resume,” says JAMS student Stacey. “The Magner Center was a great start-up help.”

   The Magner Career Center offers taxable stipend awards to help current undergraduate and graduate students take internships such as volunteer, off-campus research, student teaching, and internships required for your degree qualify. Most internships are non-profit and a few do pay if they are out of state.  

   International students also qualify for internship opportunities. “We do get internships where international students can apply,” says Guarin-Klein, “But they also have to be sure they have received approval from the International Student Office before accepting an internship.”

   You don’t have to be a clever student to qualify for an internship, it mostly depends on the position and company. Typically employers will ask students to have a relevant major; sometimes they have a minimum GPA requirement.

   Employers might inform they are seeking someone who is a junior or be open to any class level.  According to the Center, employers usually ask for solid computer skills, customer service, communication skills, and previous volunteer/internship/work experiences.

   “An internship gives students the opportunity to gain work experience in their desired career while pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree,” says Guarin-Klein.

   If you can’t participate in an internship due to work schedule or personal obligations the Center suggests to build experience by creating your own project or freelancing. Students may also want to work with someone who has their own business since they may be more flexible.

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