BC Makes Princeton Review’s Top Colleges

The beautiful Brooklyn College campus/ Politico

Written By: Zahra Khan 

The beautiful Brooklyn College campus/ Politico

 As Brooklyn College begins its Fall 2020 session, students may be happy to know that Brooklyn College has been listed on Princeton Reviews Best 386 Colleges in the nation. Featured alongside other CUNY’s like Baruch and Hunter College, Brooklyn College was praised by the review for being an “academically challenging and rigorous school.”

  “I think it shows Brooklyn College has a lot of potential to be great academically,” said Daniela Alvarado, a BC student studying Journalism. The Princeton Review states that although there are a lot of “student organizations and student activities” a lot of the student social life is outside the campus since most of the food spots are around the corner as well as brooklyn’s hotspots like Barclays Center, a 20 min train ride away. 

Brooklyn College is diversified in it’s student body. “An aspiring opera singer to quirky film majors to single mothers looking for a better life for their children,” the Princeton Review writes.

    “It’s a good college when you meet the right people and professors,” said Monia Begum, a BC alumni. “But when you don’t you will see yourself failing and feel very discouraged to continue”. 58% of students graduate in 6 years while 29% graduate in 4 years. 

     Regardless of the honor, BC students can agree that the school still has room to improve. “I think right now we are in a good place but we still have a lot to improve on. Brooklyn College students wish they had more resources like furnished buildings, access to more job opportunities and clean bathrooms,” said Alvarado.  



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