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BC Named Among Top 50 Liberal Arts Colleges

Written By: Olivia McCaa  

It has been recently announced that BC is among the top 50 liberal arts colleges in the nation according to The list was published by Business Insider which compiled and compared nearly 1,240 liberal arts colleges in the US that were non-profit, fully accredited, and contained a student body of at least 1,000 students. 

   According to Academic Influence, it is believed that “The people affiliated with a school are ultimately what makes it great.” Using their idea of concentrated influence by taking the university’s top academic influencers and dividing it by the total number of undergraduates at the school, the method allows for smaller lesser known schools to receive recognition for their students and faculty. 

   Brooklyn College was ranked in the top 50 among other highly accredited schools across the nation including Reed College, Barnard, US Naval Academy, and Vassar College. 

In BC’s press release, Kenneth A. Gould, the dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, highlighted the importance of a well rounded liberal arts education.

   “The liberal arts at Brooklyn College put our students on track for a wide range of rewarding careers and provide them with the skills they will need to be resilient and adaptable in a dynamic global economy,” wrote Gould. 

  Brooklyn College prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive school, one which features a nationally recognized core curriculum that helps ensure a broader education. 

   As the school continues to move forward, Gould says that there, “…is a priority for the college to emphasize the importance of critical thinking, effective communication, and analytical skills in preparing students for the mounting challenges of a rapidly changing society.” 


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