Farewell From Camila Dejesus, Layout Editor

Camila holding Vincent (Vinny) Vangoat./ David Rozenblyum
Camila holding Vincent (Vinny) Vangoat./ David Rozenblyum

   I’d never had a job before. Not one that lasted more than a few months at least. My favorite professor had recommended me for the job, and at the time I assumed I wouldn’t get it. I didn’t even know InDesign, and I’d never worked at a college paper. Surely there were others more qualified. 

   Not according to one Quiara Vasquez. She was Editor-in-Chief at the time and told me bluntly how my opponent graduated too soon which is probably why I would be getting the job. I was surprised by her directness then, but it’s something I’ve grown accustomed to now. 

   There’s a lot of things I’ve grown used to. The smell of our old office, the rumbling in my stomach for Burger King fries, the broken keyboard that refused to capitalize a letter unless Cap Locks was on. Coming in at 2PM loving my job, leaving at 2AM cursing it. 

   I knew when I walked into work for the first time I’d finally have coworkers. What I didn’t expect were the friendships, the laughter, the antics. One time a squirrel got trapped in Roosevelt, and Quiara and I spent thirty minutes waving brooms around trying to scare it away, making makeshift snares out of cardboard boxes and trash cans (that did eventually work). A year later we all discovered the Roosevelt pool and set out to explore, another memorable day. Damn, I’m gonna miss these people. 

   Ryan, I don’t even know what to say to you. Other than thank you. For not only being an incredible Editor-in-Chief, but an even better friend. Something I really didn’t expect when you started talking about Star Wars and I…just tuned out to be honest. 

   It’s been a privilege to be the Layout Editor for two and a half years. Even though I made mistakes, sorry for the typos, misspelled names or misplaced articles, I’ve learned so much. The Kingsman/ Vanguard gave me a world of experiences. It changed my life in ways I can’t even describe, and I truly am forever grateful. And to the next Layout Editor, please remember to make sure you don’t cut off any articles. Thank you <3 

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