The Brooklyn College Vanguard

A Letter From The Editors

Dear Readers,

   As The Vanguard embarks on its second anniversary and a new group of student journalists will take on the responsibility of the paper going forward, the publication’s dedication to reporting hard news and campus voices will always remain. Though you may see different faces in the Roosevelt 118 office when we return to campus, the same commitment to publish great stories and keep the Brooklyn College community informed will carry on. 

   As we put into practice what our preceding editors taught us over the years, we intend to keep up with our journalistic responsibilities. But before we hit the ground running, we thought it would only be appropriate to introduce ourselves.

   I’m Gabriela Flores, The Vanguard’s new Editor-In-Chief. Back in 2019, when I first joined the paper as a freshman, I was unfamiliar with journo jargon and news writing holistically. A few years later, with the help and mentorship of my former higher-ups Ryan Schwach, Moises Taveras, and Quiara Vazquez, I tapped into my sixth sense–my news sense. I hope to follow in the footsteps of those who came before, driven by my commitment to sharing with you, our reader, reliable campus news.  

   I’m John Schilling, The Vanguard’s new Managing Editor. When I joined the paper as a staff writer in 2019, I did not anticipate all that would follow. I was still learning what it meant to be a good journalist, and it was through the mentorship of Ryan Schwach, Moises Taveras, and Quiara Vazquez that I was able to figure it out and find my voice as a reporter. I am grateful to them for entrusting Gabriela and I with the paper they founded, and we hope we make them proud.

   As the pandemic seemingly recedes, The Vanguard will likely undergo major changes. Sooner rather than later, we will no longer be exclusively online but will return to newsstands scattered around the Brooklyn College campus. Though there is no timeline just yet for when we will be physically printing again, we wanted to give you a heads up. 

   The Vanguard will continue to put out issues on Wednesday mornings throughout the fall semester. Stay tuned for our upcoming issue on Sept. 1, and thank you for your continued support of our paper.



Gabriela Flores and John Schilling

Editor-In-Chief and Managing Editor


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