Action Lags In “She-Hulk” Series, Mid-Season Review 

By Kaylin Guzman


  An almost seven feet tall, green, lean machine has landed on Disney+. Gaining her power from a “blood transfer” given by her cousin Bruce Banner, alias The Hulk, Jennifer Walters brings us a perspective on what being a woman superhero means in “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.” However, the newest episode feels more like filler delaying much-needed action for the heroine. 

   We see Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) go through interactions every woman has encountered in their everyday life. This allows the viewer to see her as human even if she can grow almost a whole foot in height. In episode five, Walters’ has mixed feelings about being She-Hulk. She faces a legal battle with one of her adversaries, Titania (Jameela Jamil). Walters’ media-given name, She-Hulk, was trade-marked by Titania to sell a shady cosmetic line to her followers. However, this legal battle was boring and dull. Although all their interactions should not always be violent, two superpowered women should be able to get ugly and express their frustration with some punches. I hope that in the last half of the series, we get to see another exhibition of the ladies’ powers, maybe in a team-up against the main villain of the show.

   This episode was an underwhelming follow-up to the last. Although there is a promising teaser at the end of the episode, it is a major shift from the action included in episode four, where She-Hulk crushes demons from another dimension and has some very awkward dates. Online dating is hard even for enhanced individuals in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This B-Storyline allowed for the funniest moments in the episode. From creepy first dates to the successful one-night stand, She-Hulk allows herself to get loose and have fun. 

   The fourth episode has been my favorite of the series so far. We can see what She-Hulk is capable of and how she plays with others. Alongside Wong the Sorcerer Supreme, they fight against demons summoned from an alternate dimension by an inexperienced Magician. Some demons are crushed and sent back to their homeland. I liked the design of the demons. Especially how quickly they evolved. The quick evolution of the demonic creatures created a sense of urgency for the heroes in the scene. It was also the most visually interesting scene so far. From cute baby demons to vacuums made from sling ring magic. 

   Overall, the show feels basic. Marvel Studios has been focusing on the number of productions instead of the quality. I should be excited about the future of She-Hulk, but instead I was fixated on demonic beings that were only included to get Walters what she needed to complete the episode’s plot. Disregarding the visual effects and how funky they can be at times, the show has yet to reveal the main villain or antagonist. We have been given hints that someone who reads the comics may understand and connect. However, to someone just enjoying the MCU films and shows, these easter eggs will go over their heads. 

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