Shot Fired Near Campus, No Victims 

The bullet went through Chipotle's window./Gabriela Flores

By Michela Arlia

Reporting Assistance by Gabriela Flores


   Brooklyn College’s campus was temporarily rattled by an unexpecting shooting at the Chipotle restaurant on Nostrand Avenue on Thursday, Feb. 9. The incident occurred around late morning, with the shooter opening fire and fleeing. According to a Citizen App report, two suspects were reported to have fled towards the college, one wearing a red hoodie and vest, the other wearing all black and a jacket containing a white logo on the back with a checkered backpack. 

   By 12:33pm, The CUNY Alert system informed all BC students via text or email service, describing the incident vaguely and as an unconfirmed report.

    “There is currently police activity in the area of Nostrand and Flatbush Avenues as a result of unconfirmed reports of shots fired. Avoid the area. The college remains open at this time. Updated information will be shared as it becomes available,” read the alert. 

   The alert was sent out another two times periodically throughout the remainder of the afternoon. A police officer on the scene briefly spoke with The Vanguard about the shooting, labeling the suspect as a “knucklehead,” and confirming that there was no victim in the incident. 

   “Clearly there was an intended target,” commented the officer, gesturing towards the Chipotle restaurant. 

   Later that afternoon, the CUNY Alert system once again informed students with an update on the events, but this time with a message that all was clear. 

   “NYPD has concluded the investigation at Nostrand and Flatbush Avenues. The area is all clear, and normal pedestrian traffic has resumed,” read the alert. The Office of Campus and Community Services echoed this alert with a notice to students informing them that the area had been reopened and deemed safe according to the NYPD. 

   As of press time, it is unclear whether the suspects have been arrested. The Vanguard will continue to report should new details emerge. 

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