Is The NY Giants’ Season Over?

NY Giants' starting quarterback, Daniel Jones, leaving the field after getting injured by Miami Dolphins during game on Oct. 8./Big Blue View

By Avi Wizwer


   The New York Giants’ NFL season could be in jeopardy as key players on the team sustain injuries.

   Their starting quarterback, Daniel Jones, will miss several weeks after suffering a neck injury following the game between the Giants and the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 8, where the Dolphins defeated the Giants 31-16. During the game, Jones was sacked six times, and the final sack from Miami’s defense forced him out of the game.

   As for the team’s star running back, Saquon Barkley went down with an ankle injury that has had him on the sidelines for some time now. This injury resulted from the game against the Arizona Cardinals last month on Sept. 17, where the Giants won 31-28.

   With two key players down, questions are being raised on whether or not the team has any shot of making it to the playoffs this season.

   With an unknown timetable for Jones’s return, the Giants will rely on their backup quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, to get the job done. As Taylor has veteran experience, he will look to keep the season alive. With Jones’s injury and performance in the past couple of years, his future in New York might be numbered as the team may look to move on from him as their starting quarterback next season.

   It is safe to say that Jones isn’t the only one to blame; the Giants haven’t done a good job at protecting him in the pocket. So far, Jones has been sacked 28 times, which is a lot for somebody who has only played in five games this season. As a result, not only will the Giants have to potentially look for a new quarterback, but they will also have to look for some new offensive linemen.

   Barkley will see an increase in offensive load whenever he returns from injury in the absence of Jones. This could be a good thing because it could spark his efforts as this season has been a struggle for him since he has only scored one touchdown and 197 total yards thus far. He must get something going for the Giants as soon as possible to have any type of success this season.

   With a record of 1-5, the Giants desperately need to win a game soon in order to keep any ounce of playoff hope alive. The rest of the National Football Conference – Eastern Division is struggling as the Washington Commanders are 3-3, the Dallas Cowboys are 3-2, and the Philadelphia Eagles are out of reach at 5-1.

   Despite their recent struggles, the Giants are looking to turn their season around soon.

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