Editors’ Note

As we wrote in our last editors’ note, here at The Vanguard, we are fully committed to the principles of facts and fairness in reporting so that students can make informed decisions about the world around them. We believe that it is our responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless and uplift those who are marginalized.


Our editorial staff is made up of Palestinian, Jewish, and other voices originating from different backgrounds. As such, we decided to choose a writer with no cultural, religious, or ethnic ties to the issue at hand. The objective of our coverage is to report on recent developments at Brooklyn College without including any personal underlying opinions about the matter.


When writing this piece, we understood the meta-contextual basis on which it stands. We hear the voices of the Palestinian students who are urging the media to play a more fair role when reporting on Israel and Palestine.


The media faces a blackout of information from Gaza as the situation continues to become more dire. Journalists have been killed, many have been shadowbanned or left unable to access the internet to report back to stations on what is happening, and many continue to fear for their lives during their quest to capture the truth.


We will continue to foster the greater understanding and empathy that the situation demands by using the power and privilege that we have been afforded. We would like to honor those who have lost their lives in pursuit of this, and look to the future where the media can become a beacon of hope once again.




Serin Sarsour, Editor-In-Chief

Kate Dempsey, Managing Editor

Shlomie Katash, News Editor

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