USG Hosts First Spring Event “Pizza and Play” 

Students enjoying games at USG's "Pizza and Play" on Feb.1/Courtesy of @bcstudentgov on Instagram

By Katherine Hepburn

   The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) hosted “Pizza & Play” as their first spring event on Thursday, Feb. 1 to welcome students back on campus. 

   The event saw students competing with each other in games such as Uno, Jenga, Connect Four, and Cards Against Humanity. This event gave an opportunity for students who never met before  to meet each during this event over a good game. Once entering the event, games were placed at each table with classic hit songs being played. To the USG board members, hosting “Pizza and Play” was the first step in making students feel welcomed back to campus for the spring semester.

   “It was incredible to see how many people attended and were able to connect over playing games together,” Dylan Karlowski, USG Events Director and senior at BC, said to The Vanguard. “We love being able to make spaces for students to relax and hang out as a community, and it’s especially rewarding at the start of the semester when we know our friends are still getting used to classes.”

The event saw a wide range of the student body, reflecting BC’s diversity as students got to know one another. As many start their semester, the event allowed attendees to make new connections with their peers. 

    “It was a nice way to meet people,” said Leyani Bryant, a freshman at BC.  

 Several students immersed themselves by asking others to join the next round of a game, getting competitive as they sought to win and lay claim to a champion title.

   USG has other events in store for students as a way to de-stress during the semester and to further create new connections. On Feb. 14, they will be hosting the “Valentine’s Heat and Bash” to exhibit student artwork and where students can paint their own succulent plants. On March 5, another student-faculty mixer is scheduled to have students and faculty get to know one another. Additionally, USG plans on hosting a Narcan training session as well as another movie night on the quad.

   USG emphasized that their goal for hosting events is for students to connect, making sure to take into consideration student feedback on what they would like to see for events.

“Student involvement is everything. We always welcome ideas and often make events based on student responses […] I speak for every member of USG when I say that talking to students on campus is the best part of being a member of USG,” Karlowski said.

   To stay updated on future USG events, students can check out their Instagram @bcstudentgov or visit their office at 311 in the Student Center.

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