BC Hosts Second-Ever Study Abroad Fair

Students check out the many different study abroad opportunities./Katherine Hepburn

By Katherine Hepburn 


   Brooklyn College hosted its second-ever Study Abroad Fair on Thursday, Feb. 8, to allow students to explore the several potential study abroad opportunities available. The room, adorned with an array of countries’ colors, represented a world of possibilities for students as they checked out what each study abroad program has to offer.

   Among the study-abroad countries represented were Ghana, Italy, Scotland, South Korea, and more. Each student representative at a country’s table talked about their experiences in the selected program, experiences that they felt were an incredible opportunity.

   “I feel like being able to study at a university in a completely different country is an unbelievable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Being able to live in that country and to really learn about the country’s culture was amazing,” Gurveen Dhallu, who attended the South Korea study abroad trip in summer 2023, told The Vanguard. “I really wanted to be able to experience a new country as a student.”

   Part of Dhallu’s and her group’s study abroad experience included using camera equipment to film a documentary that compared the transit systems in South Korea and New York City. While studying abroad can include lots of fun, students must also work to get adjusted to a new culture and different ways of living. Professors who lead the trips, such as professor of History Christopher Ebert of the Portugal trip, are there to ensure that students are well-prepared so that they can enjoy their educational experience.

   “Studying abroad in Porto, Portugal with Professor Ebert was everything that I hoped for and more,” Dea Bekteshi, a history major at BC, told The Vanguard. “Guided by Professor Ebert’s expertise, we traveled to many different cities across the north of Portugal and spent a few days in Lisbon with friends.” 

  Though students are expected to attend a variety of classes throughout the trip, there are unique experiences outside of the classroom that students can take part in. “Even though Porto is a small city compared to NYC, it seemed like there were never-ending surprises around each corner. Our experiences at the University of Porto were incredible as well. We were warmly welcomed by the professors and staff. I wouldn’t think twice about spending a whole semester there,” Bekteshi said.

   Studying abroad doesn’t just allow students to get college credit, but also allows for connections to different cultures and the histories that formed them. 

   “The program surpassed my expectations. It provided me with the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of fascinating individuals while deepening my understanding of a previously unfamiliar country,” Brianna Cruz, a Communication Arts, Sciences, and Disorders (CASD) major at BC who attended the Portugal trip, told The Vanguard. 

   For those interested in a program, Dhallu recommends going on the trip with no expectations, and immersing in the culture to get a full experience.

  “If you’re planning on going on a study abroad trip, go in with a fresh, open mind,” Dhallu said. “And have fun! Explore everything you can, eat all the food you can, and just remember to take everything in.”


Students interested in studying abroad can visit https://www.brooklyn.edu/study-abroad/

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