Draymond Green Is Becoming A Headcase For The Golden State Warriors

Draymond's actions on and off the court have led to serious repercussions for the player>/Photocourtesy of NBA, collage by Kaylin Guzman

By Sean Markisic

     Draymond Green’s NBA career has amounted to a successful one, winning four championships for the Golden State Warriors and playing a key role in their victories. He was never seen as a primary scorer for the Warriors, but his ability to be a great defender and passer opened up the floor for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, who were the primary scorers for the Warriors. This formula of play has led to a great deal of success. However, there have been instances for Draymond’s intense and outgoing personality to cause negative impacts on the Warriors.

   Before the start of last season, a leaked video depicted Green punching his then teammate Jordan Poole in the face. This led to a great deal of tension to brew in the Warriors’ locker room for the entire season, and was a driving force for their underwhelming performance. 

   What magnified the issue between Green and Poole was that the Warriors did not have the cap space to sign both Green and Poole to a contract extension. This led to the franchise having to pick between one or the other. The Warriors went with Green, and many assumed it was because he was a more important piece to Warriors’ success. 

   Poole was still a raw prospect who was not going to get the chance to improve in Golden State. NBA Insiders, and fans of the game, believed the whole situation painted Green in a negative light because it was difficult to understand the escalation into a one-sided physical altercation. In this instance, Green’s action cost the Warriors a young star who could’ve been a key piece of the team for years to come. 

   During a round one series between the Warriors and the Sacramento Kings this past spring, Sacramento Kings’ center Domantas Sabonis fell to the ground and got tangled up with Green, to which Green responded by stepping on Sabonis’ chest. Green was immediately assessed a flagrant foul penalty two and kicked out the game. 

   This retaliation by Green had many fans, and those around the league, viewing Green as a cruel player. Sabonis held on to Green’s foot once he hit the floor, to which Green responded by jumping and stomping on his chest. He then proceeded to run down for a Warriors offensive possession, showing that when Green gets riled up and does something uncalled for, he shows no remorse for it. 

 Green’s actions put himself and the Warriors in a bad light publicly, and made people question the decision to keep him on the team. This occurred during a playoff game, in which every game matters, and therefore it is of the utmost importance that all teams play at their best. If the Warriors cannot trust Green to keep his emotions in check and stay on the court, it jeopardizes the Warriors’ chance of winning in the playoffs.

        The most recent situation involving Green’s impulsivity cost the Warriors. Green attempted to choke out long time rival Ruby Gobert unwarranted. Timberwolves player Jaden McDaniels had a scuffle with Klay Thompon at midcourt, to which Gobert reacted by breaking up the fight and playing the role of mediator. Green went behind Gobert and put him in a chokehold.

   Green acted in the spur of the moment without having the chance to understand Gobert’s actions. Green and Gobet have had a long history of hostility towards one another, prompting such an escalation despite the overall misunderstanding of the current situation. Green once again proved to be a complete liability to the Warriors. He fits the team perfectly and is a great system player, but his violent incidents are inexcusable. 

   Green has never apologized for anything that he has done, and even NBA officials let a lot of his shenanigans slide because they understand him as an asset to the team. Lots of players around the league wear their emotions on their sleeve, but the actions of Green over the years have reached limits that should never be crossed on a basketball court. Green is currently on a multi-year deal worth around $100 million, and despite his actions, the Warriors might not be trading him anytime in the near future.           

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