Common Hours Conundrum: How to Get Involved with Student Life

Involvement Fair 2022./Brie Underwood

By Rami Mansi


   Opportunities for student life and involvement are swept under the rug on a campus as large and diverse as Brooklyn College, with just as many events and activities as there are students. It’s difficult and overwhelming at times to begin the search for a club that you fit right into while also accommodating both your interests and schedule. Although most BC students commute to the campus, this does not mean that we can’t live out the dream college lifestyle instead of an ephemeral one: you can take classes and sustain a social life on campus, making an impact both academically and personally. 

   To take upon this initiative, however, requires an expenditure of time and effort, resources many students need to have. There are several places to find these clubs, one of which is Bulldog Connection, a website that lists all upcoming events across campus. Students can try their hand at finding an event suited to their interests and time restrictions.

   Sometimes, the key to finding a club for you may be on a whim. Though it may be hard to find friends to go to different activities with, don’t be shy to go out on your own accord. A supplementary place to find some organizations is the bulletin boards across the campus. Including all of our buildings, the cafeteria, and the library, the bulletin boards are always packed with information regarding clubs, organizations, events, and other places for involvement on campus. 

   Either through physical flyers, social media posts, emails, or spoken word, events are constantly streamlined and communicated. Keeping your eyes peeled and becoming more present in campus life will aid in finding a space to suit you. 

 Taking a step outside the classroom can be scary and stressful, as we students are consistently overwhelmed with finding time for our schoolwork, or actual work after classes. Dedicating the hours for a club or extracurricular can seem more like a burden than an opportunity to have fun.

   A fresh motivation to stay on campus after class and do more with your common hours can be the new perspective that can change how you view campus life and have something to look forward to in everyday life. 

   I found BC to be overwhelming with opportunities, so overwhelming that I chose to go to every event I could until I found the right space for me. I went to various social gatherings hosted by multiple organizations and scoured the social media platforms of BC organizations, clubs, and extracurriculars until I found just the right space for me. 

   Thankfully, I found my space within The Vanguard, a perfect fit for a person who likes to write and loves to open up conversations with people from all walks of life. 

   Some examples of possible events that can help you establish new beginnings could be the Undergraduate Student Government events. USG has various mixers, advisement from staff, academic support, and community engagement events all designed to provide support for the student community.   

   Stepping outside of your comfort zone may surprise you; sometimes you may find the most fun with a completely new and unexpected topic of discussion. 

   Another great place for not only club outreach but also a sense of community and true BC culture would be areas of peace aside from the hustle and bustle of BC, like the Women’s Center or the Immigrant Student Success Office (ISSO). Such places are powerful areas of strength that can be used for both support and a quiet place to study. 

    It’s an incredible feat to get involved. There are no morning announcements to share club events, and almost everything must be found on your own accord. But, with an area as great as student involvement, there is always a place for everyone. 


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