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Player taking swing at a softball pitch./BC Athletics

Softball Team Wins Third Game of Season 

By Manuel Polanco


   BC’s softball team held a double header on Wednesday, March 20, against Purchase College. The Bulldogs won the first game 7-4 and kept on rolling after taking an early lead in the first inning.

   BC Junior Dasha Goodman, had three “Runs Batted In” (RBI) in this game–a statistic that measures how many runs a batter drove in, whether with a hit or a sacrifice hit. Junior Zoey Van Fleet hit a sacrifice fly in the first inning, scoring freshman Paige Palacios. Purchase scored a run in the fourth inning, but the Bulldogs got that run right back via two singles from Isabella Frank and Melanie Millian, extending their lead 6-1. 

   While Purchase would try to mount a comeback in the later innings, they would fall short and lose 7-4. The Bulldogs are playing with a revamped coaching staff, headed by new head coach Frank Marinello. Marinello wants to bring a new competitive atmosphere to every game.

   “I want to be competitive every inning. Not every game, every inning I want to be able to finish every inning,” Marinello told The Vanguard.

   Player Vida Rodriquez is setting her goals high this year by achieving a high batting average and improving her accuracy throwing down to second base.  

   “I think that a common goal we all have is to make the playoffs and see how far we can get,”     Rodriguez said.


Softball Team Loses A Close Game Against Purchase

By Manuel Polanco 


   Despite an encouraging first game against Purchase College, which saw the softball team win 7-4, they were defeated by a score of 12-9 during the second game of the double header.

   Purchase scored three runs in the first inning, also scoring in the following innings in which they scored five runs in the third inning, extending their lead to 10-0. The Bulldogs started scoring in the third inning with Jelisa Palenque scoring two runs of her own via a RBI double.

   Three straight singles in the fourth inning inched the Bulldogs closer, shrinking the lead to 10-6. Purchase would score two more runs in return. Jendry Maria grounded out in the sixth inning, allowing Isabella Frank to be able to score. The Bulldogs tried to come back in the bottom of the seventh inning by loading the bases and scoring via a single and wild pitch, making it 12-9. The Bulldogs ultimately didn’t win this game, but with more games to go they are hoping to rebound and get back on the win column.

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