BC Women’s Basketball Season Review

Winning fourth straight CUNYAC championship./BC Athletics

By Sean Markisic & Manuel Polanco


      The Brooklyn College women’s basketball team had yet another impressive season, going 18-9 in the regular season and winning a fourth straight CUNAC championship. The team excelled, rightfully earning the title of champions. 

      Senior players this season were: Sarah James and Ericka James as well as Alina Estrella and Destiny Drummond, who all had great careers on the team and impacted the game on their way to winning multiple CUNYAC championships. Coach Megan Campbell took over the team and continued to coach a winning team so far throughout her coaching. Campbell was a former player for the BC Bulldogs and was nominated head coach by Alex Lang, who coached her. Campbell previously told The Vanguard that while playing she always wanted to pursue the coaching side of the game as a career. Campbell received “Coach of the Year” by CUNYAC, and is looking to lead the team to more success.

      This team has proven to find ways to win no matter what. What the women’s basketball team has been able to do is almost unheard of at the college level, but the team has built a winning formula that has proven to get the best out of all of its players. Even though during these past championship runs there were obstacles thrown their way, they always had a great response. From the players to the coaching staff, this team has an understanding of what they need to do to win, and having that mindset will always be to the benefit of this team. 

  This team’s dynasty is one of the greatest achievements in BC sports history. Being winners of the CUNYAC championship four times in a row, their effectiveness and star power can’t go without notice. The 2023-2024 season saw them go 15-8 in the regular season and be crowned the “Regular Season Champs.” This gave them a ticket to the CUNYAC championships at top seed. The juggernaut of the women’s basketball team steam rolled whatever teams stood in their way.

   They built this dynasty with great coaching and a good balance of offense and defense. Lang and Campbell helped guide a promising core to greatness, and their work should be celebrated. The level of consistency and work ethic these coaches instilled in their players helped certify good seasons and great moments.

  While the 2023-2024 season for the Women’s basketball team ended in a CUNYAC championship, they did lose in the NCAA tournament in the first round to Bates College via a score of 66-51. 

   The seniors of the team will now pass the torch to the younger players on the team, and hope they can keep the winning tradition alive. Alina Estrella was awarded with the Metropolitan Basketball Writers Association Third Team for the 2023-24 Season, which means Alina is considered to be a top 15 player for women’s sports across CUNY. Ericka James ended her college career with great stats: James ended as a fourtime CUNYAC champ, and a three-time all-star. James also ends as a top-three scorer at BC, and their three-point champ with 246 three-pointers made. 

  The women’s basketball team will be looking to make another historic year when their next season starts. With the dedication and hard work they put into winning, they are sure to continue being the reigning champions that they are. 

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