Farewell From Kaylin Guzman, Vanguard’s Layout Editor

By Kaylin Guzman


   Farewell again, lol. I am saying goodbye to The Vanguard once again. I had previously served as the photo editor for The Vanguard, creating some cover images and covering important events around campus. After taking a small break, I was asked to come back. But this time it’s final. No turning back. However, I want to express my sincere pleasure of having served as a layout editor this semester. It was a pleasure to return to The Vanguard for my final year at Brooklyn College.

   During this final year, I have been able to experience many important events on campus. Protests hosted by classmates expressing their disappointment in a system that does not listen to them showed me the courage and bravery many possess on campus, to the quad was filled with students marveling at the amazing eclipse that was visible on campus, and educational conversations that have opened my mind to new interpretations of what life can be in the future. 

   Experiencing ups and downs during my college experience was something I expected. Nothing is what you expect. Every expectation I had was built from movies I enjoyed as a child. There was no antagonizing character trying to make my life impossible. I was able to build a great community of friends during my time here. With the help of T.S. Richards, Alexandria Woolfe, Jessica Lowery, Daniel DiDonna, Josh Narisma, and many more, I was able to make extraordinary memories. 

   WBCR has introduced me to people I will always hold dear to my heart. I have been able to collaborate with amazing creatives through WBCR. Watching people start shows from scratch and take it to new heights has been amazing. 

   I would also like to give a shout-out to Brie Underwood. They took time out of their day to show me the ropes of InDesign, a program I had never used before. I would also like to shout out Kate Dempsey and Paulina Gajewski, as working alongside them has been a rewarding experience. Although I was able to create visually pleasing layouts, it wouldn’t have been possible without the articles of everyone who contributed to the vanguard this semester.

   Reflecting on the layouts I created this semester has been interesting. I learned how to use a whole new program, make some new design choices, and discover a new way of expression. When Kate approached me to fill this role, I felt unprepared and unskilled. My first layout had so many edits I was scared! I didn’t think I had what it took to make these pages look good. With time I was able to make the pages look presentable. Then I moved to making the pages look more creative and eye-catching. With each creative decision I took, everyone at The Vanguard became excited. I want to express my gratitude for the trust that was placed in me to create the visuals for the newspaper this semester. 

   I would encourage everyone to join a club or organization that interests them. You can make lifelong friends and learn new skills. Everything that has been leading up to my graduation has paid off tremendously. 

   Lastly, I would like to thank everyone at the Television, Radio, and Emerging Media Department for helping me throughout my college career. Dr. MJ Robinson, Professor Irina Patkanian, Professor Irene Sosa, Professor Brain Dunphy, Elena Donaldson, and Micheal Mannino have all been amazing contributors to my time in the department. Thank you all for everything. 

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