Bullspit!: April Fool’s Pranks for Pros

Written By Ryan Gleason

I am known around the Brooklyn College Campus and amongst my friends and family as a Pranking Prince. I pull pranks and trick just about anyone. Here are some of my MOST POPULAR and MOST HILARIOUS pranks!


  1. LIT Prank:

We all have ear wax. Earwax is yellow, gritty, and gooey. It gets all over our earbuds and is just itchy and annoying. But what can we really do with all of it? PRANKS! Every year, starting April 2nd, I start saving all my earwax and form it into small decorative candles. I wrap them up and place them all over my 89-year-old grandmother’s apartment. Trust me, it is HILARIOUS!


        2.Grand Theft Awesome:

Larger pranks are very hard to manage. Filling a room full of balloons, gift wrapping offices, and putting 200 cups of water on the floor in someone’s bedroom are just a few examples. So many things could go wrong, and it is time consuming and sometimes expensive. I have found a way to mess with someone on a big scale with minimum effort and minimum time put into it. When someone is asleep, go to their car and break the front window (driver’s side) and get in. Under the dashboard are wires, snip some and touch them, wait for a spark and DRIVE AWAY. The look on their face when they realize what has happened will be priceless.


      3.Who Me?

Is your girlfriend or boyfriend or partner always nagging you to do stuff and using your relationship as a reason for you to do it? Like, “Take out the trash, this relationship is a team sport we each need to pull our own weight” or something like that? Well here is a great prank to get those annoying lovers of yours off your back. On April 1st, get into a car accident. When you wake up, make sure to fake amnesia. They will be at your side and with just a “Who are you?”and a “I’m sorry, I don’t remember having a (Insert Relationship Role)” you are on your way to the leaderboards of Prank Royalty.


     4.Did You Fart?

This one is easy. Poop your pants and go to a friends house. The second you see them make a stink face, mirror their disgust and go “Ugh! Did you fart?” and plug your nose. Social norms dictate they will get embarrassed INSTANTLY. They will apologize and try to change the topic. You can do it multiple times in one day. Try it at a restaurant and pull it on the waiter. Imagine all the free drinks and desserts you will get because your table smells bad and the staff can’t help. It is a game changer and a stinky surprise.

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