Song Review: Boston Manor’s “Algorithm”

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By Iliana Calderon


   British pop punk band Boston Manor released their new song “Algorithm” on Wednesday, Sept. 29 on all streaming platforms.

    Boston Manor has been known for being a pop punk and post-hardcore band, with their first two albums “Driftwood Heart” and “Be Nothing” having numerous pop punk, post-hardcore, and hardcore punk influences. Their third album, “Welcome To The Neighborhood,” had some twists of pop, rock, and electro-pop. Their fourth album, “GLUE”, which was released back in March 2020, felt like a younger sibling because the overall sound seemed very similar.

   It seems that Boston Manor is looking to constantly use different genres, seeing that they released their heavier and more upbeat song “Carbon Mono” back in August. The track “Algorithm,” however, is more of an electro-pop mixed with rock elements and an intense beat, complemented by mellow and soft lyrics. This is something that separates Manor from many other bands they have toured with–they aren’t afraid to break down barriers and experiment with different sounds and genres. Not that it’s a bad thing to stick to one genre and sound, but I do feel that every artist should give themselves room to let loose and change their sound. What’s also really interesting about this song–and this is very common with some of their other songs, in my opinion–is the catchy chorus. My first time hearing this, I immediately got hooked onto the chorus, not necessarily with its lyrics, but the beat and instrumentals. They’ve done this before in “Laika,” “Halo,” “Bad Machine,” “Rat King,” and “Flowers In Your Dustbin,” just to name a few.

   Overall, “Algorithm” is definitely a favorite in my Spotify playlist, and I really do like that electric-pop and rock mix they incorporated in this song. They did a fantastic job pulling this mix of genres off very well. If you listened to their second and third albums, you’ll definitely be a fan of this song along with their previous song, “Carbon Mono.”

  While the band has not released any information on an upcoming album or EP, you can listen to their other albums on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music. If you find yourself to be a fan of artists who like to expand their horizons with different tunes, you will definitely find yourself to be a fan of Boston Manor.

  With live music being back on, they started to play music festivals in the UK. They will be in New York City with Neck Deep, Zero 9:36, Heart Attack Man, and Oxymorons on Dec. 10 at Terminal 5. Tickets are still available at and you must show proof vaccination before attending.

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