USG’s Monster Mash Bash: A Spooktacular Evening Of Fun

Some of the decorations at USG's Monster Mash Bash held on Oct. 26./Reima Choute

By Reima Choute


   With a combination of creative costumes and an array of spooky activities, Brooklyn College’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) hosted a Monster Mash Bash on Thursday, Oct. 26, celebrating all things Halloween.

   As the clock ticked closer to the time of the Monster Mash Bash, students lined up outside of the Student Center in their costumes ready to party. The excitement was palpable as each student showcased their creativity and personality, with costumes ranging from witches to modern pop culture icons.

   “[It was] absolutely fun to dress up and see others dress up. SpongeBob is the life of the party!” said Anna Belenko, a USG student senator, emphasizing how much fun it was to interact with other attendees.

   One of the highlights of the evening was the costume contest, where students had the opportunity to display their individuality and creativity, and compete for the title of “best dressed.” The winners received awards from USG.

   In preparation for the event, USG set up decorations and gathered balloons that ranged from orange, green, black, and red, turning the rooms into spaces that matched the Halloween theme. There were ghosts hanging from the walls, colorful lights flashing in the room dedicated for dancing, a carved pumpkin on a Halloween-themed tablecloth, skeleton hands, orange candles, and more spooky decorations that were spread out all around the space, helping everyone get into the spirit of Halloween. There was also tight security at the door that ensured that students were going to have a safe and fun experience.

   USG’s planning, which spanned over two months, included a last-minute Target run for costumes, further highlighting their dedication to making the event enjoyable for all who attended. The organization went the extra mile by hiring a DJ who added an extra layer of excitement by playing a diverse mix of R&B, rap, and pop music.

   For Carrie Ebbin, the president of USG, the experience left her with a mix of emotions. “It has been fantastic. Exhausting, but very rewarding,” she said. Ebbin also shared that the event was strategically planned to offer students a chance to unwind, have fun, and find relaxation after the demanding midterm season.

   The Monster Mash Bash featured two rooms, each offering a unique experience. The first was a quiet area where students could cool down, grab a snack, and enjoy some much-needed downtime. The second room was a vibrant space for dancing and letting loose. Students had an array of snacks to choose from, with no limitations – they could indulge in as much pizza, candy, chocolate, chips, and soft drinks as they desired, bringing trick or treating directly to them.

   The success of the event also showcased the strength of the USG’s events team. With the help of over a dozen volunteers and USG Events Director Joan Joseph, the night was full of enthusiasm.

   “[There is] a lot of great energy,” said Dylan Karlowski, USG’s press director, at the event. “SpongeBob is dancing with Moses. Everyone can have some snacks, enjoy the bash, and let out some stress by dancing and partying.”

   The Monster Mash Bash encouraged fun amidst a backdrop of spooky horror. It not only allowed students to relax and have a little bit of fun after a stressful week, but it also kicked off the Halloweekend festivities. Students were able to let their creativity shine through their costumes and be around one another to mingle and make new friends.

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