Farewell From Francesca Saladino, Vanguard’s Layout Editor

Farewell From Francesca Saladino, Vanguard’s Layout Editor

By Francesca Saladino


   When first applying to work for The Vanguard, it was an impulse email and I wasn’t sure if it would work out, but there was no harm in trying. I sent the email, and while being abroad, I got the job and was ecstatic about this new opportunity with no idea what was in store for me.

   When typing this farewell letter, it felt unreal. I cannot believe it has been four months working for The Vanguard as its layout editor. I am very grateful to have gotten this opportunity, and I have used it as a learning experience. My time at The Vanguard has been unlike any other job. There have been times where I’ve stayed up late to get my job done and times that I’d listen to music trying to get the layout done. After all the late nights of editing, going to school the next day and seeing the paper I worked so hard on in Boylan and throughout campus has made me feel accomplished in my work on the layout, which, in turn, has kept me motivated throughout the semester.

   First off, I want to say how grateful I am to have had this opportunity to work for The Vanguard. I’m also grateful for Serin and Kate, who have helped me get used to my job and supported me. This job has allowed me to learn a lot about how layout editing works, as well as time management skills, and I will be using this job as the next building block in my career.

   I wish everyone continued success and growth in The Vanguard and beyond.

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