Opinion: The Overload Of Streaming Platforms

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By T’Neil Gooden


   Every two months, there appears to be a new streaming platform on the market that only has two shows that pique our interests, drawing us into an endless abyss of monthly subscriptions. America’s favorites are Netflix and Hulu because of the variety they contain. However, there are more popping up every time we blink our eyes. These streaming platforms are killing the entertainment industry due to their high-priced outlets manipulating the minds of their viewers to pay more money.

   There are over a dozen streaming platforms out there, with Americans paying an average of $39 per month, according to Forbes. All of these platforms spread the content that people love amongst themselves. This is the tactic that has caused many people to end up paying for all these platforms and the need for personalized content.

   Companies like Max, Disney+, Peacock, Paramount+, Apple TV+, Discovery+, Quibi, and many more, are all fighting for your eyes, pulling you to the old-timey films that tugged at your heartstrings and the new action and thriller movies the platforms created themselves. 

   Platforms making original and personalized content believe that this is the way they can take your money and keep it since they’re continuing to create movies and TV shows with all the emotions and drama that you want to see.

   Streaming platforms didn’t start this way. Netflix was once eight dollars a month, and now, the premium subscription is $20 a month. This total is for one streaming platform with limited shows. This is just the beginning of the never-ending inflation of streaming platforms giving you the shows that semi-satisfy your desires.

   Sports channels are starting to use the same strategy as Netflix, creating subscriptions with high prices for your personalized consumption. There are now ESPN+, NBA+, and Tennis Channel+, which have a limited amount of sports available on each channel. ESPN+ is primarily used to watch football, NBA+ is used for basketball, and Tennis Channel+ is used to watch behind-the-scenes content and the lifestyles of tennis athletes.

   The prices that follow these channels have caused a lot of uproar from those who are being restricted from viewing because of their economic capabilities. Tennis Channel+ and ESPN+ are $109.99 per year and take away primetime games from cable to try and push viewers to subscribe. NBA+ has been doing the same by removing highlighted games from cable and filling their streaming platforms with these matches. NBA+ has the highest yearly subscription with viewers paying $149.99.

   These streaming platforms have popped up in the last two years and it is becoming outrageous. The prices that correlate with these channels are absurd. These streaming platforms are made for those who have a steady flowing income for subscriptions to be used consistently.

   Many families of four or more have been steering away from these subscriptions as they have become out of budget. Streaming services are becoming luxury items that have been excluding those who do not have the money to constantly pour into the companies.

   These companies use the bundling method to trick their viewers into paying a subscription that they believe is “cheaper.” These streaming platforms come together to grab viewers and provide them with three streaming platforms at an attainable price for a limited time when reading the fine print.

   The bundling method allows companies to spread the money that they gain from viewers equally amongst themselves. The companies that have been doing this bundling method are ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ for $14.99 monthly with ads.

   The catch that these companies have made to increase their profits is adding tiers of what streaming platform you can get with your bundle and if you are paying for content with or without ads. Recently, the lowest tier that was created was Disney + and Hulu for $9.99 a month with ads. The tiers continue to grow with the addition of ESPN+ to the bundle, making the price $18.99 a month without ads. The tiers continue to grow if you want all three streaming platforms without ads and so on.

   There is no discount or better prices when it comes to streaming platforms as they all have a company to build and profits to make. Streaming services continue to grow as inflation continues to be a dominant force in our country.

   The ultimate goal when it comes to paying for streaming platforms is to choose wisely and is based on shows that you will continue to watch and enjoy even two years into being a subscriber. Jumping on a streaming platform for one or two shows that have a plot will not benefit your mental and economic lifestyle. It’s always free to cancel, but you will never get the money you have put into these platforms back.

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