Brooklyn’s Hidden Gem: Boylan’s 5th Floor

Once common hours hit, it becomes nearly impossible to find a place to study or eat alone. This especially goes for the cafeteria where a swarm of people rushes into Boylan’s basement to grab seats. Then there are some people who enjoy eating outside, so they flock to the green patio tables outside the West Quad Building. However, harsh weather could be so unforgiving and you either end up freezing from the New York winter or melting from the scorching heatwaves. At this point, you’re really desperate to get a seat and just eat your lunch in peace, so you go for the student center to only be annoyed by the sounds of people yelling and billiard balls clanking.

So indeed, finding a place to be alone on campus can be difficult. My advice is, ditch the cafeteria or the library, there is a hidden gem unknown to many.

The 5th floor of Boylan Hall.

Hidden at the end of each corridor, perfectly vacant seats and medium-size square tables are discreetly hiding from the spotlight. Because of its location on the fifth floor, no one ever feels like taking a hike up there. It’s also very quiet because they are located in the hallways that only house janitorial rooms and bathrooms.

Despite the fact that so many students have class In Boylan, the tables are usually empty. Surrounding the perimeter are paintings done by students and a red couch in pristine condition

Unfortunately, if your electronics ever happen to be low on battery, you’re going to be in a slight predicament as there are no outlets next to the tables. However, there are a set of outlets close enough where you could sit there on the floor looking like a bum or be gutsy and move the whole table there. Take it from me, if you want to enjoy your lunch with a little peace and tranquility, you might want to trek up to the 5th floor of Boylan Hall.

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