Brooklyn’s Best Eats: A New Destination for Students

There’s a new place to eat for Brooklyn College students on the corner of Kenilworth and Hillel Place. Brooklyn’s Best Eats, adds to the list of food destinations for students and hopes to bring its own flavor. 

The new location is owned and operated by brothers Adel and Abraham Zindani, who are two of seven sons of a Yemeni immigrant, and as a family they own ten similar food locations in the city, Brooklyn’s Best Eats is their first in Brooklyn. 

“It’s a family thing,” said Abraham, the younger of the two brothers, who studied criminal justice at John Jay. 

Coming from nearby Bensonhurst, the brothers found this space up for rent and they “Always wanted a space by the college,” said Abraham. After working through a tumultuous two-year process trying to get the place open, they finally opened their doors in time for the fall semester. “We’re here for the students,” said Adel. 

So far the brothers say they are getting positive feedback from their new customers “We are getting good vibes,” said Adel.  Although they admit that any new place sometimes takes some time to get going, and that they are somewhat hidden from the crowds of Flatbush and nestled into somewhat of a corner on Kenilworth. “It’s all about patience,” said Abraham. 

Brooklyn’s Best Eats has a menu of signature sandwiches and salads as well as the normal sandwich stop staples of bagels, eggs, and snacks. Currently, their best seller is the Chicken Chipotle Sandwich which is a chicken cutlet with fresh mozzarella, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo.