USG Plans More On-Campus Events For Spring

Courtesy of USG

By Michela Arlia 


   Brooklyn College’s Undergraduate Student Government is planning more on-campus events this spring semester, with members hoping to engage with as many students as possible and to promote student involvement. 

   “If you notice any emails coming to you with those catchy subject lines, that is the product of me and our events team,” Flavia Shyti, USG’s press director, told The Vanguard. “So it’s definitely not a one-person job. We all work together.”

   USG started the spring off by hosting a welcome back food truck event within the first week of classes, where hot chocolate, fried Oreos, and churros were available for students. The government’s planning, hosting and co-hosting of events with other student organizations follow the college’s ongoing decline in student enrollment and retention.

   Later this month, the Night of Black Excellence Gala is set for Feb. 28, where USG partnered with the Black History Month Committee and S.A.I.L. to create an event celebrating the culmination of Black History Month. This celebratory event will highlight several aspects of culture and history, something Shyti explained is very important to not only herself but to many BC students as well. 

   “Just having this entire month where we can share Black history, Black excellence, Black achievements, I’m really hoping that our closing ceremony event will be a happy ending to the month,” Shyti said.

   Other upcoming events include a celebration around Holi, a traditional Hindu festival; the college’s annual Iftar dinner with the Muslims Giving Back club; a Women’s History Month luncheon; and more. One event in March is what Shyti called “Rage Against Midterms,” where students will be able to break plates and other materials in a “break room” during common hours.

   If you are looking for a good laugh this semester, comedian Bassem Youssef will be coming to campus for a show in Whitman Hall, with more information on this event being released soon. Also in the works is a puppy therapy event during finals where students can cuddle up with puppies to reduce the stress that comes with exams, as well as a spring carnival in May. 

   Reflecting back on the fall semester as far as events go, Shyti commented that USG is much more organized, which will only benefit event planning further. 

   “I can tell you right now that we are definitely a lot more organized…but Excel is our best friend,” said Shyti. “We have a shared drive, so everybody knows everybody’s kept in touch.”

   As more classes have resumed to in-person instruction, USG has seen a significant increase in turnout for its on-campus events since last semester. 

   “I can say that we have seen a surge in attendance, especially Movie Nights on the Quad,” said Shyti. “That has been a great turnout and just having people come, people want to come, people want to meet other people, and these are not interest-specific events.”

   As events continue throughout the spring, Shyti also noted that a challenge USG continuously faces is the need for volunteers, as the cabinet members are a “tiny but mighty team.”

   “We mainly use our senators, and they have been amazing, but if anybody would like to help out and get volunteer hours in exchange, that would be amazing,” said Shyti.

   Students interested in volunteering or pitching ideas to USG for future events can reach out over email, visit the USG office on the third floor of SUBO, or message the official USG accounts on Instagram and Facebook.