USG Prez Carrie Ebbin Reflects on Presidency

Courtesy of Carrie Ebbin

By Carrie Ebbin


   As my term as Student Government President comes to an end, I feel profound gratitude and a sense of accomplishment. 

   My student government tenure has been unconventional, to say the least. I have a family legacy deeply rooted in Brooklyn College’s student leadership with my parents, aunts, uncles, and brothers all involved in some area of student government. I grew up hearing epic tales of their accomplishments, plus some crazy stories involving other BC secrets that I can’t share here!

   I followed in their footsteps by becoming a senator in my second semester at Brooklyn College. Some people had doubts about me taking the role so quickly, but I learned from others around me, built relationships, and remained open to the feedback that helped me become an effective leader. 

   When Aharon Grama and I ran for office soon after, we won with a “record low turnout.” The following year, Huda Ayaz and I won with a “record high” turnout, becoming the first all-female slate to win in USG history. This reflected our effective campaign and two years of vigorous efforts to engage students through events, publicity, and advocacy projects.

   I am proud of what I accomplished during my three years of service, and especially proud of what our team accomplished this year. We transitioned to the new Bulldog Connection platform and streamlined club processes while supporting over 800 club events. We planned and led numerous successful USG events, including the Halloween Bash, Faculty-Student Mixers, Movie Nights on the Quad, and a Puppy Party. We advocated for diverse and inclusive food services on campus, resources such as suicide prevention legislation, and worked to help establish a Brooklyn College merch store. We also helped students navigate campus issues and policies while building better faculty-student relations. I am confident that these efforts will leave a lasting legacy on Brooklyn College and I hope it will inspire other students to step up, get involved, and make a difference. 

   I want to express my sincere gratitude to the individuals who made this journey possible. First and foremost, thank you Huda Ayaz, for being the greatest teammate, voice of reason, and friend. Your grace in running the student senate and your attention to detail have been invaluable. I could not have asked for a better executive partner. Thank you, Noam Abrahams, Dylan Karlowski, Royta Iftakher, Ajadah Simms, Milada Sirota, Nitu Farhin, and Joan Joseph for your unwavering support, hard work, creativity, and dedication throughout the year as cabinet members. Your contributions have been instrumental in our success and I am proud to have served with you. Thank you to the USG senators and club leaders who worked tirelessly to engage students in our community. Thank you to the faculty and administrators who listened to students’ perspectives, stayed open-minded, and supported students’ needs. I thank my family and friends for being my rock hard support system. Last but not least, I am deeply grateful for Aharon Grama, who took me under his wing, mentored me, and empowered me to take the lead. I would not be the person I am today without you. 

   Student government has changed my life, pushing me to think critically, solve problems on the fly, and step out of my comfort zone to benefit the community. I am proud to have confronted my crippling fear of public speaking by leading meetings, addressing students, advocating with leadership, and speaking at events including the CUNY Women’s Leadership Conference. I have made incredible progress and am grateful to have been given so many opportunities for growth. 

   As I pass the torch to the incoming administration, I recognize how much I’ve learned through my representation of the student body, the University Student Senate, and the CUNY Board of Trustees Audit Committee. 

   This journey has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. My parents jokingly remind me that I go to a commuter college and should come home from campus before 11 p.m. But I did it because I was doing what I love, for a community I love. Recently, someone approached me saying she had never been involved in student activities on campus until she attended her first USG event. She realized the difference student leadership makes and has since stepped up to become a club e-board member. Those are the moments that make everything worth it. I encourage all students who may be apprehensive about committing to student leadership and advocacy to take that leap of faith. It is difficult, but you are far more capable than you believe and your efforts have the potential to change people’s lives more than you know. I cannot wait to see what the incoming administration will accomplish!

   Thank you, Brooklyn College, for an unforgettable experience.


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