Bullspit: My Job vs. My Passion

 As you can tell from my comedic writing, I don’t exactly fit into the office or retail game. It’s true, my job is a bit more interesting. Yeah, I sell pictures of my feet on Instagram.

   I know it is a bit unorthodox, but as a struggling college student, it was an easy decision to make. I didn’t think I’d be selling Polaroids of my li’l piggies, and I’m guessing neither did my family, friends, and peers. We all have sacrifices we are forced to make in this world.

   It actually isn’t as degrading as it sounds. It is just like your job! You wake up, get dressed, have some coffee, rub butter on your feet and take pictures, and then wait till the end of the week for that bank account to get a few more zeroes. I’m just like you!

   Sure! My hours are up to me, and my payment is also up to me, but my job is just like anyone else’s. All those working in the food service industry, sales, manual labor and blue collar/white collar industry have walked so that I may run!

   Although, as much as I love sending my size 12 dumplings to your dads, uncles and friends, selling feet pictures is not my passion.

   My passion is being the best gosh darn college student I can be. I want my Bachelor’s! I want my high GPA! I want my social circle so tight we hang out on the East Quad every day with a guitar and dream catchers! But in order to achieve that, to make my dreams come true and live the ideal college experience, I have to sell pictures of my hairless hooves to businessmen over the Internet.

   Worth it!

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