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Physics of Medicine Club Starts at BC

   The Physics of Medicine (P.o.M) Club is one of BC’s newest club after it was established earlier this semester. The mission of the club is to engage with students so they can view science differently, ensuring that students feel welcome, and creating an environment where students can discuss ideas and interests with one another. 

   “We would like to talk about the science behind medicine, and the future depends on it,” sayid Liliana Carrillo, a Pre-Dental student and President of P.o.M. She has recently been holding weekly meetings with her board to discuss the newest scientific findings. The club also wants to give each club member an opportunity to research a topic of choice related to science. 

   Climate change “has been an issue that scientists, students, environmentalists have been trying to work and come up with ways to have a cleaner environment,” added Carrillo, and “As the president of P.O.M and a scientist, I try to bring awareness of the importance of cleaner air and the battle of climate change.” 

   “This is why we Marched for Science in April and we marched in September at the Climate strike, we feel like there is a need to bring people together to protest and ask the Trump administration for help. Climate change is real and it’s here. We are running out of time,” Carrillo said.

   Prior to being established this semester, Carrillo and fellow student Alma Reiker attended the March for Science, which was held on Earth Day, April 22, of this year. The March for Science which began Earth Day two years ago, as a direct response to the Trump administration’s view on climate change and science: the misrepresentation and exclusion of scientific knowledge in policy decisions.  

   On Monday, The Washington Post’s Brady Dennis reported that the Trump administration sent a notice to the United Nations  to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Thus, “the White House can officially withdraw from the agreement in one year,” on November 4 of next year, a day after the presidential election next year. 

   The club has fifteen active members who attend events. One of those events included guest speaker Dr. Allen Mincer, a BC alumnus, NYU Physics Professor, and scientist for CERN, a European Organization for Nuclear Research. “ He spoke about what he does at CERN and his new findings in the realm of Science,” said Carrillo, hoping to continue with events like it going forward. 

   Mincer focuses on research in experimental high energy particle physics/astrophysics, which involves studies of elementary particles with origins and relativity in astronomy,  astrophysics and cosmology. 

   “Research in medical diseases will help patients and will create a better environment. This is why we would like to encourage students to view science as a wonderful opportunity,” said Carrillo. “There are so many diseases out there that science has cured and can cure that will positively affect mankind.” 

   P.o.M hopes to help students also view STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as a way to make this world a better place. The club is inclusive and students from different majors are invited to learn and engage in science and STEM. 

    In recognizing the school’s diversity, members reiterated how they felt there is something for everyone in the club.

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