Anna Curran, A Multi-faceted Athlete

Photo by Damion Reid/ Courtesy of Brooklyn College Athletics

“I feel as if sports have made me the type of person I am today in terms of building a strong work ethic, dedication and grit. And I am forever grateful for that.”

Anna Curran is a junior at Brooklyn College and a midfielder on the women’s soccer team. She is entering her second year on the swim team and fourth year playing softball. She also played on the school basketball team for a little while. Curran is a sports lover, plain and simple. Playing tee-ball, soccer and basketball as a kid, Curran fell in love with the competitiveness and other opportunities the sports world opened up for her.

“Aside from being extracurriculars, sports have opened me up to a possible career path [athletic training/physical therapy] and hobbies [sports photography],” Curran said.

While Curran is also a swimmer and softball player, the fall is dedicated to soccer. Her schedule wasn’t always so varied. Once upon a time, soccer was the all-encompassing sport, year-round.

“Around middle school I focused more on soccer. I would balance school and recreational soccer in the fall, indoor soccer in the winter, and back to outdoor in the spring.”

Curran was born in China, but grew up in Manhattan. Starting with playing soccer, and more specifically in the AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization), Curran found that she could be successful at any position on the field.

“When I started playing soccer I’d say I was an attacking player,” she said. “But it also depended on what team I played for at the time, and what position needed filling.”

Curran now finds herself often at defensive midfield for the Bulldogs. A defensive midfielder is the first line of defense, and also the first entry into attack. A defensive midfielder has to be vocal, precise with their passes, and always in the right position to defend.

Curran is now in her third year with the soccer team, and notes the differences between this year and her second and first years in terms of leadership.

“I have become more vocal and attentive on and off the field,” she said. “Personally, I feel as if I lead by example and help everyone on the team with anything they might need.” She noted how this can range from advice in school, game-day routines, or just life in general.

The Bulldogs are 2-6-1 this year, but have won two of their last three. This momentum can hopefully get them to .500, and from there anything is possible. Soccer is a team sport of course, but it is important for each individual player to see improvement in their own game.

“Personally, I know I’m a lot more comfortable and confident with the ball. I definitely have seen a large improvement in my game compared to my freshman year.”

Curran plays in co-ed leagues in the summer across Manhattan and Brooklyn. For a sports-lover, one sport and one season is never enough. Professional aspirations are important, but Curran has learned that through sports, other life lessons and goals can be achieved.